One Voice

Luke 10: 16-21

“The Lord said to his disciples, ‘He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent me.'”


It always seems the case when my spiritual father says, “I’d like you to….” that I sigh heavily, wonder to what benefit, do it [whatever it is] and then marvel at the benefit.  You’d think I’d learn!

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I downloaded the “Daily Readings: Scripture, Saints, and Feasts” app on to my Andriod phone. It is provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America .  This app has made reading “a couple of chapters of scripture a week” easy to do no matter whenever I remember to do so.  Of course, one must have the correct date set on the little calendar to get the correct scripture for the day; however, one is usually blessed no matter which passage is read.  Since I had the calendar set incorrectly, I read the passage for the 6th not the 8th.  Since God blesses even idiots like me, St. Luke had a word for me.

Word up!

The above passage from St. Luke’s Gospel kept bringing my eyes back even as I read to the end, especially the first six words the Lord spoke.  “He who hears you hears me….”  I have proudly puffed out my chest and pounded on it like a rejected Tarzan…”I’ve been rejected for Christ’s sake!  I took one for Him!”  I got that part down.  Yeah, right.  Meh.

But what about the “…hearing…” part?  Have I considered what words I speak in my voice?  Have I considered what tone those words carry?  Have I ever given it one single thought that as a Christian – a Christ follower – that my voice is His voice?  Do I speak with one voice – His?

Consider this.  God spoke and the world came into being.  When is a word formulated?  Not when it exits your mouth on your breath.  A word is formulated in the mind.  The seed of a word begins in the brain and once formulated and coupled with other words, then is translated into sound and exits your mouth carried by your breath.

Those word-seeds…are they His Voice?  Are they coupled and carried out on my breath with His Breath?  Mine are not.  No wonder I am rejected.  I speak in my voice, not His Voice.  My thoughts are not His Thoughts.

It is better to keep silent than to speak without care.


2 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. I have the app too: it is great.

    With Mimi, I thank you, and love the humor too: and I thank for your openness and willingness to share your own struggles: I too need to ‘hear’ the Word of God anew each time I read.

  2. I love reading your posts, for many reasons, but one is the humor that comes through. I am very thankful for you!

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