Two Months?!

Those two months have passed like a whirlwind!  Wow!  Much has happened in the world at large, as well as in our little corner of the world these past two months.  Many thoughts have gone through my mind in reaction to the world at large events but most times I keep them to myself.  The rest of the world seems to speak loud enough for me.  As for our little corner of the world, what fills the days are mundane to most but bring me joy and peace.

When the air gets cool, my mind turns to soup – homemade that is.  The last couple of days I made and froze several batches of Cream of Tomato as well as Leek Soup with shredded prosciutto.  Delish!

Christmas presents are getting done.  I’m really happy with how they have turned out.   Can’t write too much about them in case one of persons for whom they are intended is also a reader!

Took a tumble on the sidewalk two weeks ago.  Landed flat on my face and my chin took the heavy hit, shoving my jaw back and up.  A trip to the ER revealed nothing broken but a lot of very bad bruising and a mild concussion.  My nose and chin turned lovely shades of purple, yellow and green.  The right-side TMJ remains inflamed and sore.  According to the dentist who fixed my chipped tooth today, the TMJ could take as long as six months to heal, if it heals at all.  Great.

The search for a church home in my new community is done.  I have landed at the local Greek Orthodox Church.  The priest is great!  There are hoards of kids.  There are many activities.  They are very mission minded.  It helps that the priest serves on the OCMC Board.

Oldest child celebrated his 31st birthday with us last week.  Our family tradition invites the birthday celebrant to order up whatever they want from the kitchen.  This year’s menu was the same as last years:  shrimp, grilled chicken, salad, veggies, homemade garlic bread, angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  I can’t believe I have a son who is 31!  Oldest child also is settled in a new apartment – the first time he has lived without a roomy since he moved out of the house 10 years ago.  We have a standing invitation to dinner, which we are really looking forward to.

Youngest child’s wedding preparation continues.  The girl has nearly everything done!  A woman after my own heart!  Once the new year comes, I am sure the pace will pick up.

A recent trip to the fabric store’s sale table found me dancing in the aisle when I scored fantastic material to make skirt and shawl for DD’s wedding.  At $10.00 a yard, I bought 4 yards “just in case.”  The sales clerk assured me I was getting a great deal because the material in NYC would have cost three times that.  I’m psyched!

And so life goes on.  Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Two Months?!

  1. Lovely update! Happy Birthday to your 31 year old!
    So glad to hear you have a church home, Thanks be to God!

  2. Be patient. My fall some time back still has my right shoulder somewhat tight, but my ribs are o.k. so I can sleep on my side comfortably.

  3. am also glad you found a church home! so important!

    sorry about your fall – that sound like no fun whatsoever!

    glad for the good things in your life. sending some (((hugs))) your way!

  4. Very, *very* glad to read that you have found a church home. Next time I have to move, I have just two criteria: proximity to a church, and proximity to a supermarket. Who needs anything else. 😉

    As for your 31-year-old “baby” — wait till your *youngest* turns 30. I haven’t recovered yet. And speaking of recovery, I do hope yours is a lot faster than it sounds. What a dreadful fall to take. Will keep you in my prayers!

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