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My sister-in-law and I are playing a “Book Bingo” game.  These are three books I’ve recently read and added to my card.

The Dry Grass of August

This first book, “The Dry Grass of August” was very, very good.  It reminded me of “The Help”.  Set in Charlotte, NC in the early 1950’s, the main character, Mary Luther, is the the Watts’ family domestic.  There wasn’t any humor in this story, like in “The Help”.  There was more drama, mystery, and tension, though not in a  heavy way.  I enjoyed it and recommend it.

The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My Grandfather's Secret Past

“The Perfect Nazi” was also excellent.  Written by Martin Davidson, the story reveals the truth about Bruno who was the author’s grandfather.  A stern, brusque, opinionated man, Bruno served in Hitler’s army of SS troops, though we are quickly told he was not “one of the SS men who ran the gas ovens.”  Bruno managed to slip through the hands of the courts and his role was never discovered.  Not until Bruno’s death was Martin able to get his mother, Bruno’s middle daughter, to talk about her father and life during the Nazi Regime.  Davidson gives a very clear picture of the progression of Hitler’s rise to power and Bruno’s infatuation with and commitment to him.  A fascinating read and another recommendation.

Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery)

“Scones and Bones” is the type of book I usually love; a cutsey story with cutsey characters and an intriguing mystery that is spun well. Not so with this one.  Sorry readers.  There was more than one page turned and paragraph read when I said to myself, “How in the world did she get here?!”  A romance popped up in the middle that totally threw me for a loop.  A pretty cover, but that’s about all I found this book good for.  If you come across it, let it go by.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking another trip to the library to see what I can scare up to read!  I’ll keep you posted!


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