2012 – really?!

Happy New Year!!

My goodness!  2011 sure flew by!  Or is that a result of aging – that days seem to go by much faster than they used to?!

It was a good year in many ways.  I didn’t write many blog entries this year but I did note that this blog has been in existence for 7 years!

This year saw many events, both happy and sad.  Moving to my childhood vacation spot was a dream come true.  I keep wondering when I am going to wake up and find it’s all been a dream.  We live in a beautiful house, are making friends, the hubster continues to enjoy his job where many good things are happening (to the tune of $5 million+ donated to the college foundation) and I enjoy volunteering, sewing, and doing crafty type things.

My beloved aunt and beloved mother-in-law met eternity.  They are sorely missed and loved more if that is possible.

The DD and DS have had success, joy and good accomplishments in their personal and business lives.  This gives me a good deal of peace of mind and heart.

There is much to be thankful for  – much to continue to pray about and people to pray for.

In this year of our Lord 2012, may He who gave us Life continue to sustain us, granting us peace, health, salvation and furtherance of all good things, unto His glory forever!