When we moved into our new home, the walls were a very, very pale beige…pale enough that they looked white.  The wooden blinds are white.  The trim is white.  The ceiling is white.  There was no color – no depth – no texture.  The hubster’s been busy with the paint brush!  A lovely shade of green.  Very cozy and inviting.  Then we went shopping for curtain material.  The hubster’s the one with the “eye” so when he spied this fabric, he said, “This is it!”  I replied, “But it’s black!”  “Exactly,” replied Hubster, “wait till you see it against the wall.  The greens in the leaves will pop right out!  All the colors in the material are in our furniture.”  “Well,” says I, “it can’t be all bad. It at least has small Violets in it.”  So 8 yards of fabric and several hours of measuring / cutting / sewing – the final product is up!  And looks fabulous!  Once again, the Hubster scored big with his designing eye!

On another front, I’ve had a series of MRI’s taken of my left elbow and right shoulder.  It appears that when I my face came into intimate contact with the front sidewalk last November, the jolt did some damage to the shoulder.  Reaching out / up / sideways, presents with a circle of stars over my head after the yelp in pain from my mouth.  As for the elbow, well that’s just from too much crocheting and sewing I think, but the doctor wants to see if there is any tendon tear in there.  Oh fun.  I see the doctor tomorrow afternoon for a look-see at the MRI’s and a diagnosis.  I predict no tears, but lots of tendonitis and multiple trips to physical therapy.  Oh fun x 2.

If you look closely, you’ll see DivaDog doing her “thing” which is sleep all curled up ON MY PILLOWS!  Thank goodness for extra curtain material because I see matching pillow coverings in my future.


7 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. Margaret, I didn’t used to have much faith in the hubster’s decorating abilities either! but I must say I’ve changed to the exact opposite position. He’s FAB! He does it all now! It’s nice to step back and let his “inner decorator” emerge and I do the creating of his “vision.” LOL! LOL!

  2. The fabric is perfect. I admit I didn’t have much faith in Hubster until I enlarged it but once I did it became immediately obvious how right he is!

  3. Basil the Dog of Doom would so be curled up on those pillows too !
    I love the design effect, but am sad to read that you will be needing the medical work 😦
    Hugs and prayers……

  4. Your dog is so funny! That said, it’s pretty clear who *she* thinks owns your house! And I just love the curtain and the paint job, even though I can’t pick out the greens in the curtain – I know how certain colors pop out, once you pair them with the right background. What a delicate shade of green, and so spring-like – gives you a good mood no matter what the weather outside.

    I do hope your “adventures” at the doctor’s are less worrisome than they appear. At least you’ve had MRIs to view the damage. I’m not sure they know what an MRI is, in NH.

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