So MUCH fun!

Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers yesterday. The orthopedist said there are no tendon tears in either the shoulder or elbow. The physical therapist I saw today for torture, um…treatment said the shoulder muscles are still in “protective mode” meaning they are tense and I am hunched forward. Holding the shoulder that way for two months has kind of locked them there. Consequently, I’ve lost 60 degrees of range of motion! YIKES! In comes the therapist with those small fingers that are very strong, poking and pressing and “encouraging” movement (I use that term very loosely).  Today ice and ibuprophen are my friends.  Several more weeks of therapy, encouraged movement, home exercises and strengthening will gwt the shoulder back into normal working mode and I will, once again, be able to tuck my shirt in with my right arm and reach up to put the dishes away in the cabinet without seeing stars.  YAY!

On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying a little side job taking care of web content for an Orthodox Diocese ( which will remain nameless publicly).  I have facilitated a redesign of the site, which looks absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself, content is being reviewed/archived/continually updated, and I am getting to know various priests. The best thing of all is speaking with His Grace on a very frequent basis.

Friday I start a new part time job as a billing/office clerk for a psychotherapist group. The owner seems very nice and organized – my kind of person. I’ll work about 6 – 12 hours a week.  With this job I continue to bat 1000 – like/receive offer/accept the first job I interview for! Woot!

Are people really allowed to have this much fun in life?!  ‘Cause I sure am!


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