Sorely Neglected

Yes, it is true. Guilty as charged. I have neglected my blog. Quite often I hear a bit of news and whisper in my mind, “I should blog about that.”  This usually occurs when I am 1) lying in bed trying to fall asleep, 2) listening the the radio in the car, or 3) reading a newspaper/magazine in some doctor’s office.  By the time I am in front of a computer again, I’ve either forgotten what it is I wanted to say or I don’t care anymore.

Another reason I’ve neglected my blog is because I feel guilty for not writing in it! That makes me laugh because the only one responsible for that feeling is moi! So I don’t write and before I know it, it is April 20 and the last post was March 9th! Egads!
Recently, a blog post came across my Zite app (have I mentioned I have an iPad?! And that I am totally in love with it?!) about frequency of posting. The OCD, Type A voice in my head says, “Philippa, you should be posting every day! Shame on you!” Uh…no I don’t think so according to this other blog writer. It is the author’s prerogative to write as often, or infrequently as she wants!  Though it does help to have a general purpose/theme for the blog.
With all of the above in mind, as well as a calendar that says there are 50 days until DD’s wedding, I’d like to start writing a little more frequently.  If for no other reason than to sharpen my writing skills.  As the old adage says, “Use it, or lose it.” I worked to damn hard to get there, and sure as hell don’t want to lose more than I have!!
So, onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “Sorely Neglected

  1. I too have battled that OCD voice — bloh! blog! blog!

    Great to hear from you, and prayers and best wishes for all the continued preparations for DD’s wedding.

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