Thomas isn’t doubting

“Then He said to Thomas, “Put your finger here,…  Thomas said, ‘My Lord and my God!” (John 20)

Fr. George brought forward a few very good points in yesterday morning’s homily about “Doubting Thomas,” a title for St. Thomas he does not like.  Why?  Is it normal for us to doubt or have questions?
According to the tradition of our church there are many who doubted, questioned, and wondered. Read the Psalms!  That statement gave me comfort.  You would think I would remember that having read the scriptures often, but…no….I didn’t.  Sigh.
According to Fr. George, questions come from the depth of our humanity.  An example he cited was Jesus Christ teaching the Rabbis in the Temple, who had many questions for Him (Gospel of Luke or John 4).  They had roundtable discussions.  The Samaritan woman asked Jesus questions, and He to her.  Jesus does not chastise her for her questions but leads her to Truth.  These are examples of questions born of good motivations, of a seeking heart.
Questions like those of Sts. James and John asking “Can we sit at the right and left hand of God?” are not born of good motivation, but of arrogance.  THOSE types of questions are much more familiar to me since they often pop out of my own mouth (heart)!!
Fr. George said if we want to grow, sincerely, it is okay to go to God and ask Him questions. Where else would/should we go?  We are His children! He wants us to go to Him!
What we need to be aware of is, the kind of question(s) I am asking.  Are they competitive ones? Or are they, “What can I do to be saved today?”  Questions  that lead toward elevating me to a Godly level are good.  Ones that are searching are the good and right ones.  What St. Thomas did was to surrender to God, not doubt God.
“The human potential is boundless,” said Fr. George.  God wants us to be saint-like and the potential is in us all.

3 thoughts on “Thomas isn’t doubting

  1. Ian, it is always a blessing and joy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting the blog! The message yesterday was one I needed to hear too. Isn’t it neat how God speaks to each of us across thousand’s of miles yet at once?

  2. The sermon I heard yesterday at the monastery I was staying at made very similar points about Thomas and the questions the disciples asked, and that we too should ask such that God to grant it to us — Thomas requested a sign and the Lord gave it to Him.

    Thank you for sharing your priest’s sermon; obviously a lesson God wants me to hear!

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