New Job 3 months later


The job goes well, I am happy to say!  I like the work environment and my employer very much.

My title is billing clerk. The organization is Atlantic Psychotherapy.  It is a small practice with three therapists, one of whom is the owner.  My responsibilities include receiving/sorting mail, recording treatment authorizations in client’s computer file, posting insurance/client payments, filing, troubleshooting insurance denials and non-payments, and getting the therapy practice registered with various insurance companies to go EFT for all payments and paperless for explanation of benefits.  It’s been challenging to learn all the insurance companies and their processes. 
The owner would also like to ratchet up the professionalism of the office.  So, rather than having the client’s bills being printed on just plan old paper, I suggested using formal letterhead.  There are various styles of recopied informal letterhead floating about, but there is nothing that really brands her group. She mentioned knowing a graphic designer who could do something for her, but it could cost more than she wanted. While she was in a session with a client, I spent 15 minutes and designed a couple styles of letterhead for her to choose from. She was thrilled! I was thrilled that she was thrilled!
I really like this job alot. It is varied, interesting, and I really like that it is a service oriented company to help people in need.  It gives me an opportunity to pray for people who need it. 
She’s so happy with my work she’s given me a raise!  Woot!

5 thoughts on “New Job 3 months later

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful job, and what a blessing to be able to make changes and seee the great results. And hurrah for the raise too!

  2. Wow, this sounds like a perfect fit for you! I’d be envious if I weren’t enjoying retirement so much…

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