All in a weekend

Friday is laundry day. Bed Sheets get changed, clean towels are put out, bathrooms are cleaned and weekend cooking is planned.  Rather than cook every night of the week, we cook in bulk on Saturday and freeze individual portions.  I hate to cook, though sometimes the “like” bug bites me and I will cook up a storm. That is rare though.

Saturday is cooking day which necessitated a run to the foodstore. I decided to go to Costco. I like that place. They sell snacky stuff and some prepared foods that are safe for me to eat.  I spent a small fortune but came home with some real goodies, which included a pork tenderloin, a beef tenderloin, london broil. I will defrost some chicken tenders and marinated them.  Also some hamburgers. The hubster will be spending the afternoon by the grill cooking all these goodies and we should be set for quite awhile.  Yay!
Today was spent in a variety of ways. Church of course, where I was happy to see my friend, who has three bulging discs, smiling. Medical treatment along with good chiropractic treatment is helping enormously. I was so happy!
After church, a quick lunch was prepared and then the DivaDog got her walk.  It was a beautiful day for one too.  Afterwards, I spent time planning the things I need to get done this week for DD’s bridal shower Saturday.  Cookies, pizelles, two dips and punch are my contribution.
And so the weekend comes to an end.  Future musings: mother-in-marriage, what’s that look like?

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