Have you ever heard the phrase “by-marriage” rather than “in-law” to describe those to whom you become related once you are married?  It was used by Fr. David Rucker, Director of OCMC, when he spoke at church and talked about his daughter’s husband, his son-by-marriage.  I like it so well I want to use it for my daughter’s fiancee, my soon son-by-marriage.

Marriage is much more than a legal action.  It is a spiritual union of two persons, who choose to journey in life together working to have one mind in things without losing themselves in the process.  This can only happen successfully, in my opinion, with God’s grace and blessing received in the sacrament of holy matrimony.  
There are those who would probably disagree with me, believing that in a legal union the same can occur. I know there are many successful marriages out in the world that do not have the sacramental blessing.  However, my faith and own spiritual journey inform me that  the sacramental component takes a marriage to another level…deeper down into the inverted triangle towards the point upon which all rests…that of God Himself, Jesus the Christ.
Saturday is my daughter’s bridal shower. In 5 weeks time she will vow to take MH has her beloved husband. MH will take my daughter as his beloved wife.  My prayer for them both is beyonds any words that Come to mind It is the groan of the deepest prayer of the heart, one of a mother and mother-by-marriage.

3 thoughts on “Mother-By-Marriage

  1. I’ve never heard “by-marriage” phrase. Very interesting. I’m quite blessed to have a wonderful Mother-in-law and I hope I can be as good a mother-in-law to my kid’s spouses. Enjoy tomorrow and I hope the next 5 weeks are a blessing to everyone.

  2. Indeed. I am blessed to have a very good mother-in-law, but as the mom of boys only, I have to remember this.
    I’ve heard “In-love” as in Son-in-love.
    Enjoy the Shower!

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