Juliet Simms all the way!

The hubster and I have been avid fans of the TV program, The Voice.  I wish I could sing.  He can sing.  So we both watch, make our own selections of who we think should be picked.  He’s been more right than wrong, and I’ve been more wrong than right.  (See previous statement for reasons why.)

Last night saw us ensconced in front of the TV ready to listen, discuss, and make our not-so-important choice.  I have been a fan of Juliet Simms, the raspy rocker.  I LOVE her voice.  Roxanne and Freebird had me over the top!  The hubster is a fan of Jermaine Paul and wants him to win.  But that’s not what I want to write rant about.  Christina Aguilera and her crack to Tony Lucca is.

What the h***!  Last night Tony Lucca (Team Adam) sang “99 Problems” as his finale.  When asked for her thoughts on his performance, Christina slammed him saying the song was “derogatory towards women.”  Read about it here.  Really?  I mean…really????

Let’s, for one moment, take a look at Ms. Aguilera’s outfits through out the competition, shall we?  I refer you to this photo, and especially this photo . Ummm…she’s nearly falling out of her dress.  Shades of another wardrobe malfunction.

Pornography and soft porn, of which I say Ms. Augilera uses to sell herself and her music, is derogatory to women.   Period.

Look in a mirror Christina.  And if you’re all worried about songs being derogatory to women and being offended by the men who sing them, try changing your outfit and attitude, then you won’t show yourself as the hypocrite that you did on national TV.

Gimme a break.  Geesh.


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