Mental Meanderings

Every time The Hubster and I open the front door, a robin flies away from somewhere near the front of our house.    We’ve been wondering what was going on since having little peeps all round the house isn’t unusual.  The golf course behind our home is an Audubon refuge, so all manner of peeps and such call the area home. Ever curious, I watched through a window to see what was going on and caught the Momma Robin flying  out of the center of the Japanese Maple tree next to our front porch.  Quickly I ran out and poked around the tree and look what I found!  Five robin’s eggs!  How exciting!  I’m looking forward to when they hatch!

Four days with my niece and nephew were loads of fun and quite exhausting!  I slept like a baby each night!  though I was convinced before, it is now set in stone…having children is for the young!  WOW!  They were on their best behavior…and so was I.  We laughed a lot.  We did homework.  I discovered I am no better at some 4th grade math than I was when I learned it in 4th grade.  Sigh.

We went to the library where they filled a satchel so full I could barely carry it out the door.  Okay. Okay. Two books were for me!

Saturday’s weather was spectacular so we headed to the beach with the DivaDog.  The water was freezing but that didn’t stop Niece and Nephew from getting soaked to the skin.  The DivaDog enjoyed the water also, taking time to lay down on the cool sand until a wave came along to disturb her rest.  No one wanted to leave, even the dog.  DivaDog wanted to stay so badly she decided to plop herself down in the warm sand and look at me with those “Who? Me?” eyes!  No encouragement, bribery, or commands to “heel” worked to get her back on her feet to walk to the car.  So I started dragging her limp body, much to the amusement of all the people around us!  It really was rather funny!  We did manage to return to the car despite having to drag DivaDog about 30 yards!  Once home, everyone showered up including the dog.

Since they were going to miss school Monday and Tuesday, classwork was requested from the teachers.  The Niece successfully remembered to ask her teacher for the work.  Unfortunately, The Nephew did not, so Auntie Philippa came up with her own stuff for him to do, much to his frustration and disappointment.  I really enjoyed playing at the homeschooling thing.  The Niece liked it too.  Not so much The Nephew who really, really dislikes school a lot.

The Niece and I share a love of learning.  Though there were certain days when I despised school, and those days were when I was struggling with learning something and earning many a poor grade, I loved going to school for the majority of the time.  I used to make a game out of it, pretending to go to work or on an imaginary adventure.

Did you enjoy school?  Or imagine it as an adventure?  Do you need to inspire/encourage/threaten your children to go to school?

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Sorry – I absolutely *loathed* school. I was a good student, made straight As in grade school and mostly As and Bs in high school (math and science being the glaring exceptions). But I was so clueless about expectations that my choices were either, work far harder than seemed warranted, or figure it out on the fly. The latter did work for much of it (especially those interminable English reading assignments. I know there are people who adore Dickens, but I’ve never been able to figure out why).

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