Family Reunion

Two weeks after the wedding saw the Hubster and I packing our bags to head to Blackwater Falls, West (By God) Virginia for a family reunion.  Generally speaking, the reunions are held every 3 years but this time 7 years have passed since the last one.

We stayed in a very nice and spotlessly clean cabin in the State Park.  The accommodations were rustic by our family’s vacation standards (no a/c!)  and a bit of a 70’s decorating throw back, but God was merciful and the weather was cool enough to require a fire in the lovely stone fireplace for the first 3 days.  As the week progressed, it got hotter and more humid.  Nevertheless, spirits were not dampened in the least.  Beer, wine and food were in abundance.  Raucous laughter, storytelling and music (provided by cousin G) were in high daily doses.  People hiked, read, relaxed, and talked.  It was a good time.

There were special family members missing; most specifically my MIL and the Hubster’s Uncle Curmudge, who have gone to their Heavenly reward.  A couple cousins were expecting babies so couldn’t travel.  And an Uncle and cousin were hospitalized for very serious illnesses, both of whom are on the road to full recovery.

The night before we were to return home, a severe thunderstorm passed through the area, rapidly pushing its way to Virginia, D.C., North Carolina and Southern NJ leaving in its wake a lot of wind damage.  A derecho it was called.  We all were asking what the h*** is that?!  A nasty storm, that’s what!  A phone call to some neighbors back home confirmed no electricity, so we stayed an extra night.

We came home to a LOT of downed trees, downed electrical wires and holey roofs (not our neighborhood, thanks be to God).  We emptied the smelly fridge, which had be largely empty due to the vacation and sent the still frozen food to a neighbor’s freezer whose electricity had been restored.

We are now happy owners of a gas-powered generator for the next outage.

Enjoy the photos!

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