June 9, 2012

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The day was beyond words.

There were tears as the Bride dressed and talked about both her grandmothers missing the day and how much they would have enjoyed every single minute of it.  Hugs from one grandpop helped.

More tears came as the Father of the Bride told everyone at the reception the story of comforting his 3 month old colicky daughter by dancing her around the living room thinking “Some day I will dance with her at her wedding.” as he then turned to her and said, “That day, 27 years later is here.” and off they went.

Laughter as spoons clinked against glasses for “one more kiss.”

Cigar toasts amongst “da boys.”

The proud parents of the Groom beam with love and joy, welcoming another daughter into the family.

It was, truly, a day beyond words.


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