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Plinky Prompt has some fun questions over the last couple of weeks. Just for chuckles I’m going to list some of my favorites with my answers. Hope you will play along too! Leave your answers to your favorite questions in the comments.  Or feel free to share your thoughts on my answers.

1) What was the last movie that made you cry?
Since I am not one to cry very often, this is a tough question. That being said, Sophie’s Choice left me bawling my eyes out. I watched the movie through my young mother/widowed eyes and was completely overcome by the mother’s forced choice of child to keep and child taken by the Nazis. Meryl Streep was excellent in it. I’ll never watch it again though.

2) Do you believe in soul mates?
Ummm…I’m not even sure what a soul mate is supposed to be, so I guess my answer is no. Being widowed at one time and being crazy in love with The Hubster now makes the notion of a soul mate seem rather silly.  But what do I know?

3) What 3 types of FB status updates can’t you stand?
Political opinion aka clap trap x 3

4) What’s at the end of the rainbow?
Chocolate covered caramels and mounds of books.

5) Describe a time when you should have spoken up about something – but didn’t.
Oooooohhh….hmmmm….there are many times this has happened and generally involved a parent and child interaction in a public place, usually the food store or other box store.  Child was either a) screaming because they weren’t being given what they wanted or b) being rude and disrespectful to the parent who was pretending the kid wasn’t being that way.  Sigh….

Today, though, I spoke up. There was a photo on Facebook of a tattooed young man about 20 holding a white lab puppy while shoving a scotch bottle down its throat on one of my FB friend’s threads. Several people commented negatively. One person suggested reporting them to FB Abuse. One DID report their page to FB. I commented that I would report him to the police but was unable to view his FB page to get his hometown. Another commenter posted the name of the town in which this kid lived. I googled the Humane Society for the town and emailed the executive director with the photo attached. Within minutes I received a thank you from the ED. I was later able to view this kid’s FB page where he also had a photo of his younger self holding a revolver to the head of a white pit-bull puppy. Sigh. And it’s the pit-bulls that get the bad rap. I am very hopeful this kid gets the puppies taken away and is offered some help. Clearly he is in need of God’s Grace and help from someone.  And the puppies need a loving home where they can be raised to be social and safe.



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