Which Muppet do you most identify with? Kermit? Piggy? Gonzo? Camilla the Chicken?

I love me some Elmo!

There is something about his naivete that makes my heart squeeze tight. Since I have been told I am so naive that’s probably why I identify with him. But he has his saavy moments and so do I.

It has been decades since I’ve watched Sesame Street. The kids outgrew the program quickly and moved on to cartoons. Though they hung with Mr. Rogers well into their middle school years. Both kids remember the crayon making factory trip he made, which happened to be in our town and appreciated it more when they went themselves. Mr. Rogers had, and still does have, a calming quality. Sesame Street never really did that. Rather I think the opposite was true.

Nonetheless, Elmo is my man…er…puppet….er muppet!

How about you?


3 thoughts on “Elmo

  1. /sigh/ You leave me no choice but to tell the truth: Miss Piggy. There’s something that Resonates with me in the way she tries to schmooze Kermit, and then, when he rebuffs her, her *true* nature comes out.

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