From grey to yellow

Today began with heavy grey clouds on the horizon. The sun was trying to push through. If you looked over your shoulder, just to the right a little, a streak of pale blue peeked through the clouds. What kind of day was it going to turn out to be?

We rose early for a Saturday, 8:15 a.m., and threw on clothes.  Six of us were heading to her mom’s apartment at the retirement village to finish cleaning it out. The keys needed to be turned in today because it is 30 days since mom had gone to her heavenly reward.

The bulk of the apartment’s contents had been taken care of.  You know how it goes. The remnants were crafty things, floral wreaths made by healthier hands, dad’s clothes from many years ago before his death, towels, and a number of old lamps.  I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer of items long past their edible stage.

After a good hour of work we headed out to the local breakfast joint for brunch. There ‘he’ spoke to the short order cook. Soon ‘she’ was presented with a heart shaped pancake with chocolate chips on top and three fresh strawberries sitting in whipped cream.  She smiled in surprise and delight. The pancake was passed around the table for the other four diners to enjoy.

After we had communed over breakfast and coffee, we stopped at the thrift store truck to off load the items from mom’s apartment. We then went our separate ways.

The ‘he’ and the two boys went off to run an errand before returning to clean up for the evening. ‘She’ went to the floral shop to pick up the flowers. The other lady in the group and I took a run to the Dollar Store to purchase some candles and decorations.

Four o’clock approaches. We are all showered and dressed in our special occasion outfits. ‘He’ is showering. The other boys are in the dining room rehearsing their lines. ‘She’ is home preparing for the evening. No doubt thinking about her mom and dad who are together once again, by God’s will, as well as remembering this same day two years ago when she had a stroke.

Soon we will leave for the church where ‘he’ and ‘she’ will become one….wedded by God’s miracle at the hands of the two boys.

‘He’ and ‘she’ had marriages end which, when entered, were to be forever and ever.  Much grief was passed through.

‘She’ became ill. And end of sorts. Then new started…recovery, patience, restoration.

Another new started; a new person in their circle’s of life. Trust was to be given and taken. Love was planted and grew.

It’s three o’clock.  No grey in the sky now. Only sunshine.

A good day for a wedding.


2 thoughts on “From grey to yellow

  1. Giving thanks to God for a good day for a wedding… ’cause it’s through His love that we couple tidying up our grief and remembrance with new commitment, new hope, and a fresh start. My best wishes for the couple!

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