A happy Easter

Yesterday The Hubster and I traveled to Dover, DE to attend the church where his cousin is serving as interim pastor.  The Son, who was visiting us overnight came along too.  I rode with The Son for some quality time – 2 whole hours worth!  It was great!  We talked about all manner of inconsequential stuff, which is often some of the best chatting to be had.  Plus I was able to gain first hand knowledge of his exemplary driving skills.  Always a comfort to The Mom, who like every other mother on the earth, worries about her babies no matter how old they may happen to be.

While standing in the hall waiting to go into the service, I noticed a woman who looked very familiar to me.  Taking the chance that my suspicion was correct, I went up to her and asked if she was Mrs. X who used to teach nursery school at the church I attended in Pennsylvania in the mid-1980’s.  “Yes,” she indicated, “I am she.”  I introduced myself and asked her if I might introduce her to someone she may remember – one of her former students – The Son.  She looked at him and exclaimed with tears in her eyes, “Oh my goodness! Of course I remember him!”  And I introduced The Son to his former teacher who he hugged with great affection.

I said to Mrs. X, “Thank you for all of your guidance with The Son.  It was at your suggestion we had him evaluated because he seemed quite advanced for a child his age.”  It was good we did because he was identified with a fairly high IQ and were given some ideas about how to keep him interested in school.  Mrs. X also suggested using primary school workbooks that could be bought at discount stores and spending a little time each day working with The Son, which I did.  It brought The Son great joy to tell Mrs. X that he works as an Engineer with Sikorsky Aircraft and has had a good life.

She was so happy! She said she had never had the opportunity to see any of her former students as adults.  The Son was the first.  She kept saying how happy she was and that we had indeed gave her a very Happy Easter!  It was awesome for us too!

How often do we wonder if anything we ever said or did made a difference in someone’s life?  It wa s a blessing to tell Mrs. X what a difference she made in The Son’s life.

The below photo shows Mrs. X and The Son (age 3)  at the Nursery School year end concert.  He’s the one in the bow tie!

Ian Nursery school









The below photo shows The Son (age 32) and Mrs. X taken yesterday.

Ian & Nursery School tcher 03-31-13


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  1. Oh, how wonderful indeed! Love your little one with the bow tie, and he’s handsome now indeed!

  2. What a wonderful gift for all concerned. I do wish we had more opportunities to contact those teachers who made a difference in our own or our children’s lives, and let them know how things turned out.

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