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Last evening Stockton College’s 33rd Scholarship Gala was held at Revel Casino. As the Chief Development Office of the College, this was The Hubster’s office’s responsibility to make it happen.  It was a great event and they anticipate raising $400,000 towards scholarships.

Approximately 700 people attended the sit-down dinner and auction.  Revel did a great job taking care of the event.  Decorations were simple, table centerpieces were elegant, service was okay, and the meal was delicious.  The dance band was awesome!!!

As a development officer, The Hubster’s job is to build friendships and relationships with donors and potential donors.  At this event he was the master of ceremonies and worked the room.  I sat with a glass of ginger ale and people-watched for a while.  Once everything was over (the silent auction, 50/50 raffle, and diamond earrings raffle), the band started.  For me that’s when the fun started! The Hubster’s colleagues are a lot of fun so he and I danced till our feet fell off!

Overall, a good evening.  For a 53 year old, I clean up pretty good, eh?


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  1. What a wonderful photo! Looking stunning as always. And sounds like a great evening.

    Christ is Risen!

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