weeping_icon2 weeping_icon-4 Weeping-icon-3‘We bow down before Thine all-pure Icon, 0 Good One, asking forgiveness of our transgressions, O Christ God; for Thou wast well pleased to ascend the Cross in the flesh of Thine own will, that Thou mightest save what Thou hadst created from slavery to the enemy. Wherefore, we cry.ou: to Thee in thanksgiving: Thou hast filled all things with joy, 0 our Savior, Who hast come to save the world. (Troparion of the Holy Icon Not Made with Hands)

Is our Lord trying to convey something to us, unworthy and wretched ones? “Having eyes, see ye not?  And having ears, hear ye not? And do ye not remember?” (Mk. 8:18)  What occurred on August 28/15, A.D. 2012 and the following day at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is a great mystery. As someone already commented: all attempts to explain what happened must be considered provisional at best, and perhaps impious at worst. emphasis mine     Undoubtedly, this is an Act of Divine Activity that encompasses both Grace and warning, and should be received as such.     God cares for us! This recent spiritual phenomenon and miraculous occurrence at our Church is a sign of His Divine care. Perchance we have forgotten St. Isaac of Syria admonishment: “This life has been given     to you/or repentance; do not waste it in vain pursuits!”  (Taken from the letter written by the rector of the OCA-Diocese of the Midwest parish, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Columbus, OH)

Of note:

  • August 24, 2012:  Allegation made against His Grace, Bishop Matthias, of the OCA-Diocese of the Midwest
  • August 28, 2012:  Icon of Christ Made Without Hands began weeping myrrh (started at the left eye) – Link: http://www.snwoca.org/resources/A-Weeping%20Icon.pdf
  • August 31, 2012:  His Grace, Bishop Matthias released a letter regarding the allegation.
  • April 15, 2013:  His Grace, Bishop Matthias stepped down and retired as bishop of the OCA-Diocese of the Midwest.  At the same time, the Icon of Christ Made Without Hands wept myrrh in the form of a cross in the center of Christ’s forehead.

4 thoughts on “Weeping

  1. Hi Anastasia! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Actually, the parish is not Vladyka’s son’s parish, but another which is also in the Midwest Diocese. It is at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Columbus, OH. Whereas Fr. Matthew is rector at St. Gregory of Nyssa, Columbus, OH.

  2. This isn’t mentioned in the article, but I thought it is interesting to know that this church is the church Bishop Matthias’ son is rector of. In addition, I do not find it a coincidence that the only time we are anointed on the head is during Christmation and Holy Unction which out services of repentance which Bishop Matthias did and was still ousted.

  3. Very sad to read about the goings-on in the OCA. All of you are in my prayers. I do hope that things stabilize in very short order!

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