Embroidery Homework



The embroidery on the floral motif is done. Sewing a border is in process.

Since the frame was free, I prepped it for the homework assignment given me by Olga.  I chose to do Golgotha.  Since I did not have any linen handy, I sewed the foundation fabric (a taupe color) onto a piece of muslin.

The original design measured 2 inches wide by 3 inches high.  Since this is a practice piece, I decided to increase the dimensions by 15%, giving me a little more room to work on the shadowing in the cross especially. After tracing the design onto a piece of tracing paper, I then centered the design on the fabric over a piece of carbon paper and drew over it.  Nice clear lines appeared.  Now on to the outlining.

Are you working on any interesting pieces of needlework?  What is occupying your relaxing time?



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