Fr. Iustin Parvu

Fr Iustin 4Though I never met him, I felt like I had because of so many stories told to me by one who did, many years ago. He spent time with him at Petru Voda, Neamts, Romania.  Scenes of cold winter nights, high in the Carpatho Mountains were painted with words telling me how normal it was to see monks and nuns on their knees in prayer working their way around the exterior of the church in the deep snow.  The person telling me these stories had his cell was one floor above Fr. Iustin’s.  From there he was blessed to be witness to Fr. Iustin’s asceticism.  I have enjoyed many YouTube videos of Fr. Iustin (many with English subtitles). 

Fr. Iustin fell asleep in the Lord 16 June 2013 after having lived 94 long years. 

May his memory be eternal!  May his soul dwell with the blessed!  Pray for us Fr. Iustin!

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