Icon Embroidery: Golgotha

07-01-13bThe entire piece is outlined in chocolate brown silk.  I have begun filling in with split stitch.  I decided to do the band on the wall in a vertical satin stitch rather than a horizontal split stitch to give the impression of a band of shadowed stone across the wall.  The wall will be couched gold metallic thread in a brick pattern.

Progress feels slow on this embroidery project though that really isn’t the case when I count the few hours spent to this point.  I am less certain on what I am doing too.  There is no teacher to ask.  While I have a photo to follow, the design pattern I was given is every so slightly different.  That shouldn’t much matter, but I feel off my pins.

As I reflect on what is different than when I worked on the floral motif, they are many.  I am not in a class with a teacher to run to for questions.  The biggest difference is lack of prayer.  I’ve not taken a moment to ask St. Sophia’s (Solomonia Sabruov – patron saint of embroiderers) prayers nor have I said the iconographer’s prayer.  Even listening to Ancient Faith Radio is throwing me off.  To my shame, I’ve not even thought about it until this very minute.

May God bless me with another day to embroider at a different beginning place.


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  1. Tomorrow is indeed another new beginning for us all – may you and your work be blessed !

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