Punch Needle

Punch needle is not my favorite type of needlework but it is worked quickly and the results are very nice.  Since there is the possibility of a friend’s baby shower in my future, I wanted to whip up something quickly that would be appropriately cute.

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Like every other crafter I know, my craft closet has a stash of supplies and projects from which to pick and choose.  I found the perfect one and just finished the punching this afternoon.  I’ve mounted it on a board, found a nice creamy colored mat and the right size frame.  I decided to paint the frame pink to pull out some of the color in the design.  The first coat is drying.  Provided I like it, tomorrow I’ll do the second coat.  There is a smidge left in the Modge Podge Glitter bottle which I plan paint over the frame once it is all dry just to make it sparkle a little.

You’ll just have to be patient for a photo, dear Reader.

Do you keep a small stash of completed projects to use as gifts?  Or do you whip something up last minute?


2 thoughts on “Punch Needle

  1. I don’t have a stash of pre-made gifts; this is something I really should try and do!

  2. I am new to making things for others (other than icons prints in frames) … so not much on hand to quickly pull out. But my husband and I do have a small pile of gift books… 🙂

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