My Craft Closet

If you are as old as me, you will remember the metal kitchen cabinets which graces many kitchens back in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Because there was never enough of them, many kitchens had free standing ones, much like the one pictured below.

When The Hubster and I married, we inherited his dad’s  white metal cabinet full of garage items and tools.  It was beat to crap, rusty, and misshapen.  Reluctant to get rid of it, since it was such a cool, retro cabinet, 10 years ago I decided to clean it up, bang it back into shape with a rubber mallet, sand off all the rust and paint it rainbow colors – thus repurposing it for a Craft Closet.  (Note the capital letters!  This denotes officialness and all that!)  I also lined the shelves with contact paper because we all know shelving gets grungy and contact paper makes for easy wipe up.  Voila!  Here is the Craft Closet!

IMG_0235You can tell I was new to stenciling can’t you.  Ugh!  It really could stand a new paint job but that means emptying out of all my stuff.  Here is what it is full of:


Acrylic paints, modge podge, ribbons, little bits of beads, sequins, floral arranging stuff.


Sponge brushes, water color pencils, calligraphy supplies, pastels, oil pastels


Artist box with drawing supplies, brown bag of Play Doh containers, felt, painting books (oil & watercolor), drawing paper


Water bucket, rags, two stamped cross stitch projects.


Cross stitch books/patterns/projects


Crochet books/patterns, small hoops and cardboard stash for framing needlework projects.

What doesn’t fit in my craft closet and takes up the left side of the bedroom closet is the tub of frames I’m hoarding for framing needlework projects.  I get them at the thrift shop for a dollar or two and repaint them.  Also I have three shoe boxes of DMC floss arranged by number. And a tub full of yarn I also get at various sales.

I confess, I hoard craft projects and needlework supplies!

Stay tuned for photos of my small stash of completed projects for gift giving.  And the completed project I mentioned in a previous post.


2 thoughts on “My Craft Closet

  1. The craft closet is beautiful! looks professional! very cute craft in other post btw… it is a blessing to be able to make things for others!

  2. I so need a Craft Cupboard. I have a sneaking suspicion that when all my wool stash is in one place I may actually need a Craft Room 🙂

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