That’s the temperature inside our house at the moment.  Can you spell w – a – r – m?

You’re asking, “Why, Philippa, is it so warm in your home?”  The answer to your kind query is, “Because the bloody air conditioner broke last evening!”   Some time between 5:00 p.m. when I took the dog out to do her business and 6:30 p.m….when I took the dog out to do her business – again, the fan stopped spinning and the motor was making this high pitched squeal which matched my high pitched squeal to The Hubster upon re-entering the house.

God bless The Hubster.  He made many calls to service repair companies.  Someone will be here around 3:30 p.m.

I would like to say here at this moment, if you live in southern New Jersey do not call AtmosTemp.  They told us they were too busy with other people’s contracts to look at our broken unit which they installed 8 years ago.  The company, apparently, is busy enough that they need no additional customers.   Make a note of that Dear Readers.

Of course, this week is scheduled to be the hottest and most humid of the summer.


2 thoughts on “81

  1. Elizabeth, that is so true! It was repaired last night and so we are now more comfortable, as is the dog! We’re not sure whois happier…us or her!

  2. Isn’t it typical for something so vital to go on the fritz at the most inopportune moment? I hope you manage to get it fixed soon!

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