Icon Embroidery: Golgotha

07-24-13dAfter quite a hiatus, today I made time to work on my embroidery homework – Golgotha.

I was quite dissatisfied with the band across the wall, so ripped out the satin stitch done vertically and redid it in a different shade of blue in horizontal split stitch.  It looks much better I think.

The doorway lintels are done in white, the inner walls are the same color blue as the band.  The merlons on top of the battlements are white split stitch.  As a matter of fact all the work will be split stitch except for the walls themselves which will be done last in couched gold metallic thread.

Since all of my needlework has been done in DMC cotton floss, working with silk thread is completely new in every way.  It clings to my rough hands, getting caught on invisible bumps.  It slips through the needle’s eye easier.  It slips through the fabric very nicely and doesn’t get knotty like sometimes happens with the cotton floss.

The silk thread dyed and spun by our workshop teacher is very, very good quality.  So good I almost really don’t like working with it!  I’ve tried Soie Gobelin which is very nice.  One can feel the strength of it while sewing.  I’ve also tried Splendor which I REALLY like a lot.  I think perhaps because it is not twisted as tightly as the Soie Gobelin, one stitch seems to cover more territory.  I would like to test Soie d’Alger against Splendor to see which I like best.  I would use the Soie Gobelin as couching thread since it is so nice and strong.

At the very least, I am learning how much more I have to learn about embroidering with silk thread!

In other stitching news, I’ve picked up the Ukraine towel I started over a year ago.  To my utter frustration, I had to rip out 90 minutes worth of work due to a miscount.  (Yes, it is a little more complicated pattern than the first one I did for Vladyka Matthias’ consecration.)

Lastly, I found a couple little cards in my stash for a quick project.  I forgot to take a photo of the first one I sent to a friend as a thank you note, but here is the other one.


Parrokeet Card


5 thoughts on “Icon Embroidery: Golgotha

  1. Oh, finally – not only am I finally catching up with all your Cogitations 😉 and wonderful needlework, but I can finally leave a comment – haven’t been able to, on the other posts. I have been *so* impressed with everything you learned in that needlework class, and echo your comments about silk – it’s a whole ‘nother ball game, working with silk. I’ll be interested to read about your experiments with Soie d’Alger – that’s the only silk thread I’ve worked with, and I liked it very much. On to the next several posts!

  2. Thank you all. I derive a great deal of joy and satisfaction doing these kinds of things.

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