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When I took a drawing class my last semester of college (2009), a well stocked drawing box was required equipment.  It needed a handle for easy carrying, multiple compartments for assorted pieces of charcoal, erasers, brushes, and pencils.  Everything laid flat so the lid could close and be carried back and forth to class.  Since that time, I’ve done little sketching and drawing.  Hauling out an easel, large drawing pad and art box just seems to take too much effort and definitely takes up too much room in the spare bedroom I use as my ‘craft’ room, which also contains the crafty closet, sewing machine and embroidery stand.  Charcoal is messy too. I want easier access to drawing pencils and brushes without having to dig down into a box.

While poking around on Pinterest, I saw a little desk organizer someone created out of several cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes of various heights glued into a small box.  Expanding on that idea, I thought it would be a nice arrangement to have all of my drawing pencils standing freely in easy reach in a larger container.

Into my stash I went and pulled out a smallish box, a paper towel tube I retrieved from the recycle bucket and a wrapping paper tube I saved a bit ago.  After cutting off the top flaps of the box, I Modge Podged some bright fabric, covering the box sides (in and out).  I cut the tubes into various lengths, covered them with the same fabric and glued them down to the bottom and long side of the box .

In the above photo you can see, from left to right, ready access to pens, Sharpie fine point marker, water color pencils, drawing pencils, colored pencils, a few watercolor brushes.  In front of the brushes are my Micron colored fine point markers.  I love those markers.  They are such bright colors. In the remaining space fits my sketch book, a small box of oil pastels and my watercolors.

If you look carefully, perhaps you can even see the little doodle of sunflowers in marker and watercolors stuck in the box!

Now, readily at hand are all the little things to doodle and sketch as often or infrequently as I’d like.  In order to get better at drawing, one must sketch daily.  Perhaps that will happen!

This simple little thing has made me absurdly happy today!  Did something large or small make you feel a spurt of happiness?  Please share it and spread your smile around!


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  1. I wouldn’t say it was absurd to be happy about your little creation – anything creative brings us joy, and to repurpose actual trash into something useful *should* make you happy. And by the way, I didn’t get to leave a comment on the site about it, but I LOVE your craft closet! Now I’m envious! 😉

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