A Porch Kind of Evening

The hubby and I spent a nice day together.  First we had breakfast and chatted for an hour or so.  Then we suited up and drove to the beach.  We tested our new beach cart which passed with flying colors.  We loaded everything on it, including two beach chairs and the umbrella with a bunch of room to spare.  It was easy to maneuver over the sand due to the big wheels.  It was worth the cost.

After showering we had dinner on the back porch together with the dog beside us hoping something small tidbit would fall from the table.  It didn’t, much to her salivating disappointment.

Cleanup was a breeze, after which I took the dog for a walk.  She’s not been wanting to walk far of late.  I’m not sure why.  Despite starting her on glucosamine for her arthritis, she still limps.  She turned 10 years old in July.  I think she’s feeling her age.

I brought my little art box onto the back porch where The Hubster built a little fire in the fire pit.  Here you see yours truly sketching.


The Crepe Myrtle behind me is in full bloom and is just beautiful.  It was my mother-in-law’s favorite blooming tree, thus why we planted it – to always remind us of her.

I fooled around with watercolors and made a card to go with the pink kitty punch needle baby gift.  The baby shower is Sunday during the coffee hour.  I like the way it turned out and plan to make a few more in different colors.


I also played with a package of oil pastels I found in the craft closet.  I’ve never worked with them before.  Though the package says “oil pastels” it also has marked “water soluble.  That seems kind of contrary to the purpose of oil pastels in my mind.  I didn’t enjoy working with them, perhaps because I am so unfamiliar with them.  Dear Reader, is there one amongst you who has worked with them and can provide a few tips?

In all a lovely day. Tomorrow involves laundry.  And giving the stinky dog a bath.


2 thoughts on “A Porch Kind of Evening

  1. No, I’ve never done anything with art materials that didn’t involve needle and thread, so I can’t help you there. But what a heavenly garden you have there – I can see why it was so easy for you to make the move from PA a few years ago! You look so peaceful working there!

    I love sitting out on porches – unfortunately, ours has become unusable in the past few years, ever since a biker bar went in around the corner, and we have motorcycles roaring up and down our street literally at all hours of the day and night. But when we first moved in, we used it all the time – to me, sitting out on the porch on a warm evening is the essence of summer. Hope you are able to get many years of use out of yours.

  2. That tree is truly lovely and I do so like your card design 🙂
    Good luck with the dog-bathing – our Prince Vasyl should also be in line for one, but we always bathe him outside and he will never get properly dry with all the rain we have this morning……

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