Last Spring I planted two lavender bushes along the patio wall.  They bloomed wonderfully well last year and this year. They smelled wonderful.  They attracted a lot of fat bumblebees.

Knowing how expensive essential oils are, I wondered if I could put the lavender to good use by making my own essential oil.  I’ve read that lavender has calming effects for anxiety and sleeplessness and wondered if it would be of help to me in those two areas.  Having nothing to lose except a few pennies of oil, I’m experimenting after doing a little Google research.

IMG_0677Here is my jelly jar of lavender buds soaking in canola oil.  It is sitting in the sun (not for the photo however) where it will be for the next 48 hours.  Wednesday I will strain the oil and see how it smells.  If it has a nice pungent scent, I will bottle it in a dark colored container.  If this experiment works, I’m going to try making lavender spray.

The other experiment I’m doing is making my own lemon scented cleaner.  This is made with distilled vinegar.  My SIL sent me this link to making a gallon of citrus scented cleaner. Since I couldn’t bring myself to throw away that much good fruit once it was peeled, I decided to use lemons.  I used the skin for the experiment and will use the fruit to make fresh lemonade.

I peeled two lemons, put the skins in a 12 ounce mason jar and filled it with vinegar.  After screwing the lid on as tight as I could, I put it in the cool pantry closet where it will remain for two weeks (getting a good shake once a week).  We’ll see what it looks and smells like after that.  My research showed that a 50/50 mix with water makes a good cleaner and disinfectant.


I use vinegar in the laundry all the time.  It gets rid of doggy smell really well.  It gives the laundry a fresh scent.  There is no mustiness on my bath towels. And The Hubster’s golf shirts and pants don’t have that lingering sweat smell either.

I also read that apple cider vinegar makes a very nice hair rinse.  As my hair turns grey, the natural brown color has gotten dull and mousey colored.  I won’t dye it, but wonder if the vinegar rinse would give it a little shine?  Hmmm….I wonder if I could soak lavender in vinegar and get a nice lavender scented hair rinse?!  Another experiment!

Here is Tevi, our 10 year old pit bull, observing my shenanigans in the kitchen.  She seems quite unimpressed. Notice her smile.  She’s chuckling at my mutterings and seems to be thinking, “Gosh I love Mama-Philippa, but she sure is silly!”


Wait till I spray her with lavender water!  If it works to lessen anxiety, I wonder if it would help her during a thunderstorm?

Lastly, here is a pretty picture of the Crepe Myrtle tree’s flowers.  The hummingbirds like the flowers but they move to fast to get a photo.


I hope, Dear Reader, you have a joyous and blessed day – and Joyous Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ tomorrow!


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  1. So how did the homemade cleaner experiment work out? Inquiring minds want to know! Also, a question: Does vinegar not leave a vinegary smell on your laundry? I had read it was a good fabric softener, but was reluctant to try it out because of the smell. How much do you use?

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