Attention Capturing News

This weeks craftiness has been rather quiet. I’ve continued working on the Ukraine towel, pushing it to completion.  Having several projects on deck is not a comfortable style for me. I like to work one to completion and move on to the next. I’m wound tight that way, ya know.

Around the blog-o-sphere of my news feed:

“Angel priest visits Missouri accident” came to my attention via Fr. Milovan Katanic’s blog Again and Again. It was initially reported in USA Today here.  Here is a really good video about the miracle.  July 27, 2013 Abbot Tryphon wrote about Angels Unawares.  Could the priest who ministered to the young woman in the car crash in Missouri have been an angel? Only God knows but it gave me a warm feeling inside as I read.

Fr. George at Orthodoxy and Recovery has some wonderful resources regarding addiction, 12 step programs and the Orthodox Church which he has made available to the public.  Perhaps they would be helpful to you, someone you know, or your parish?

I asked, “Can you find the place inside of your heart where you can do anything?”  Once again Dr. Flanagan at UnTangled has hit it out of the park with his August 7, 2013 blog post What to Do When Our Feelings Are Lying to Us.  As one who struggles with anxiety, I can wholly identify with his son’s response to needing eye drops.  Full blown, “NO WAY JOSE!!” am I gonna let that happen!!  It is hard to get to that quiet place when your mind is screaming at you like a freight train whose light keeps getting brighter and bigger the longer you stand there.  Read it and be blessed.

And lastly this bit of news sent me over the edge this week.  Graphic video here. Please be aware, when I say graphic, I mean it is really violent and disturbing. Be warned.

Three 15 year old students beat the crap out of a 13 year old student, to the extent that they fractured his arm and gave him two black eyes. Why?  Allegedly, they approached the 13 year old in the bathroom wanting him to buy drugs. He said no and reported them to the school authorities prior to boarding the bus.  Subsequently, the three 15 year old students boarded the same bus and proceeded to beat the boy.  All of this was caught on the school bus surveillance camera, as well as other student’s phone video.

When this news was initially reported, the bus driver was the main focus of the media.  He was criticized for not intervening.  Read about it here and here.  He followed school policy and procedure, called for help, yelled for them to stop but did not physically intervene.  I read elsewhere in the media that statistics show when one intervenes in such a situation, the violence can escalate.  The bus driver was 64 years old.

This whole thing makes my blood boil for a whole host of reasons.

First of all, why did everyone jump all over the bus driver?  He followed protocol.  You can be darn sure that had he intervened, he could have gotten the crap beat out of him too. Perhaps the violence could have sparked a mob-mentality reaction and the other students on the bus could have gotten injured or joined the fighting.  If you view the video, you can see the intensity of energy and strength in the 15 year olds.

Second, the bus driver was black. The victim was white. The three boys who did the beating were black.  I think this whole media thing being focused on the bus driver was race related. Had he been white, I bet you the news would have considered him wise for not jumping in. Instead, the media is jumping down his throat.  For shame!

Thirdly, how different would the media’s reports been had the skin colors been reversed?  Would we have heard from President Obama that the victim  “could have been [him]?”  Where are all the other activists when the victim is a non-white?

Lastly, the more I thought about this the more I wondered about what those three 15 year old boys experience at home?  Bullies are often bullied by someone bigger and stronger than them.  Are they abused by an older sibling?  Perhaps a parent or other family member? An older teen neighbor?  I really, really hope there is a deeper investigation into their lives to get them the help they so clearly need in order to root out the cause of their anger.   They are only 15. They can be saved from themselves with the right intervention.