Feels like Fall – well…kinda

Actually, not really – at all.  The sun is shining brightly. The humidity is climbing a bit.  The temps are in the low 80’s.  These are good days to go to the beach.  It’s off season. The water is warm. And the beaches are not cluttered with a bajillion people and umbrellas.  And where am I, you ask?  Why, in the house in front of the computer!  🙂

With all that though, there is that Fall smell in the air and the sun has a different slant.  There are a couple trees’ leaves that are beginning to change color, but not much more than that.

Craftiness has progressed somewhat.  The Golgotha project continues with more work completed on the rocks.  The linked photo is from July.  Since that time, I’ve completed the cross, the entryways and half the rocks.  I’m taking my sweet ol’ time with it.

Thanks to all who commented on the Ukrainian towel.  Due to your encouragement, I’ve decided to gift it but to someone different.  I am going to make a different one for my spiritual father’s 10th ordination anniversary.  There is some time to plan and complete it since that anniversary isn’t until 2015.

In other news, my DD and SIL are expecting a bambino in April.  She is 7-8 weeks along and doesn’t see the OB until September 27th. When she called to make the appointment, she asked the nurse, “Don’t I need to come in and have this confirmed?”  The nursed asked her if she’d taken an at-home pregnancy test?  “Why, yes I have!  Four of them!”  The nurse laughed and told her they are 99% accurate and the doctor doesn’t see anyone for a first appointment until they are 8 to 10 weeks along.  Boy, things have surely changed since my own childbearing days!!!

Already she’s showing and in maternity clothes because her regular pants are too tight.  Of course, the styles today don’t allow for much ‘wiggle room,’ so when one puts on a pound or more, nothing fits.  There is also the possibility that she is further along that she thinks.  AND twins run on both sides of the family.  Her FIL is a fraternal twin and her paternal grandfather is a fraternal twin.  So there is that too.  Whoosh!

Since this news, I’ve reacquainted myself with baby stuff and bought them a couple of reference books.  Yes, I know just about everything is on line now-a-days, but a good book can never be replaced.  What did I purchase?  Why Dr. Spock’s Baby & Childcare Book and John Rosemond’s The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Health Children with complementary CD on Parenting Leadership, that’s what.

Spock’s book was invaluable to me as a quick reference for all sorts of ailments, rashes, etc., as well as what to expect in development goals at various ages.

Rosemond is an absolutely favorite parenting expert of mine and The Hubster.  I wish he had published materials when my kids were little.  I like his humor and his approach to parenting which is really counter-cultural to what we now see in a child-focused world.

If you were giving parenting advice, what 2 or 3 things would you pass on as most important to raising a healthy, well balanced child?


3 thoughts on “Feels like Fall – well…kinda

  1. Fabulous news about the Bambino – my prayers for your DD to have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy and birth 🙂

    Tips? Pray for them, love them, teach them to have consideration and respect for others and to know the difference between right and wrong from their very earliest days…..

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