You may remember my news about becoming a grandmother here. Today was DD’s first maternal doctor’s visit.  She is 10 weeks along and April 25, 2014 is the target due date.  Those of us who have been down that road know how fluid that date can be! Nonetheless, it is exciting to think about.

Baby Muffin and Mama are doing fine. Things are progressing as they should. Blood-work came back normal.  Baby’s heart beat was a strong 159.  Mama felt much better after the visit, having had confirmed by a ‘doctor’ that she is indeed pregnant and healthy.  I said to her, “May God grant you a boring, boring pregnancy.”

In other busy news,

I discovered this great blog The Renegade Seamstress. She refashions (aka ‘up-cycling) clothing rather than purchase new.  She scours the thrift and second-hand stores, and redesigns her purchases.  Some of the stuff she’s done is fabulous!  Take a run over there and check out the photos.

She inspired me to do some of the same to some of my clothes.  I had a floor length dress that I loved but the sleeves were too tight.  I cut them off and loped off 10 inches from the hem, making a sleeveless jumper.  I refashioned a brown corduroy skirt that was simple too tight around the waist into a wrap around skirt.  It’s been loads of fun too!

A $3.00 bushel of tomatoes were made into several gallons of puree for future batches of spaghetti sauce.


I also made some stewed tomatoes.  The house smelled delish!


Tomorrow two girlfriends are coming to visit for the day.  Weather is supposed to be favorable.  I envision a walk on the beach and lunch out with the girls.  Hopefully I will have some photos of the day to share.

Until then…tata!


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