Sewing Project Repeat

August 2009 Fr. T. requested a pouch in which to carry the Pix (Holy Communion) to the sick when he is making his rounds at the hospital.  He is a hospital chaplain.  The Pix is a gold box which holds the consecrated Mysteries.  In order to keep it secure, he carries it in a pouch around his neck.  I wrote about the sewing project here and here.  My memory didn’t serve me well because I recall making one, not, two* bags.

About a month ago Fr. T. told me the bag seam had frayed and could I make him a new one.  Of course I could, so when I saw him a couple weeks ago he gave it to me so I could use it as a template. The side seam had frayed terribly and split wide open.  Thank goodness I had the forethought to line the bag, and that seam held.  But my goodness! The bag looked like it had been through a war! There were frays and pulls all over it.  I was rather disappointed it had lasted for only 4 years.

I made him a new one, this time a little bigger, with a little sturdier fabric, and again lined.  I handled the seams a little differently by folding them over then stitching them down.  Hopefully that will prevent fraying.  I re-purposed an old altar server robe (white).  The pale green silk lining was re-purposed from a green altar cloth.

I am pleased with the finished product.  It is such a joy to do this type of thing.

Pix Cloth Bag Fr Tim 2013

The pouchPix Cloth Bag Fr Tim Green lining 2013

The lining

Pix Cloth Bag Strap Fr Tim 2013

The strap – silver trim from the robes was stitched down onto the strap to make it more substantial.

*Now, I wonder what he did with the second bag I made in 2009?!