Sea Glass

Collecting sea glass is a hobby for many beach combers.  Created naturally by the ocean’s churning and tumbling of the glass against the sand, over years, produces a beautifully frosted, smooth edged shard.  They are hard to find now-a-days because the oceans are not the dumping grounds they used to be. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to find three pieces during my own beach combing.  Only one was a bright green color.  The others are fairly clear. Bright greens and blues are the most rare, or so I hear. 

Today I received a small jar full of assorted colored sea glass as a thank you for my help.

SeaGlass 1

SeaGlass 2

SeaGlass 4  My friend has been struggling with cancer since November 2012.  It has been removed after receiving a dozen or so radiation treatments.  Now she is undergoing 15 weeks of chemotherapy which will be completed in February 2014.

In the meantime, her mother’s house was uninhabitable because of Super Storm Sandy (10/19/12).  Then her mother (age 91) became quite ill, requiring hospitalization. All this time mother has been living with her daughter (my friend), husband and little girl ( age 8). 

In recent months, my friend has been in the throws of cleaning out her aunt’s house (91 year old mom’s sister) who has living as a recluse for many years.  Aunty became so ill she needed to be hospitalized and is now in a rehabilitation facility where she is refusing physical therapy.  Her home was disastrous – to the extent that to enter one needed to don a mask for protection.

The home has been cleaned up considerably. New furniture was delivered today.  Dusting, vacuuming, polishing, washing is just about done.  While my friend tackled cleaning the myriad of knick-knacks, I tackled the kitchen cabinets.  They got emptied, old spices and foods from too many years ago to count got thrown out, and shelves washed.  I then lined them with clean shelf paper, after which I returned the few kitchen items and foods to them.  I don’t feel like I made much progress, but my friend said it looked like a much more functional kitchen.  I guess she’d know.

Two hours later my friend had hit her energy limit so we headed home.  She looked exhausted and I could tell by her walking that she was sore in her surgery spot.

As we left she handed me the little jar full of sea glass as a thank you.  Oh my!  No thank you was needed but it is very much appreciated!  All the glass is clean, the container is shiney.  It graces the fire place mantel, not to far from my other precious sea shells….something which will make me smile each time I look at it and offer up a prayer of thanks for my friend.


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  1. Elizabeth, Amen! I, too, am glad of no big storms though when it rains heavily there is some minor flooding because of no dunes to hold the water back.

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