Fact-finding trip

A couple weekends ago The Hubster and I took a little jaunt to the northern panhandle and hinterlands of West Virginia. Our destination was Bethany, WV the home of Bethany College and two friends Dr. Scott Miller, President and Dr. David Black, Interim Provost.



Our purpose was to learn as much as we could about the expectations and life of a college president and spouse. The Hubster is enrolled in an executive leadership program, recommended by his own college president, with the purpose of exploring his interest in just such a position. Like many leadership positions at this level, be it priest, pastor or CEO of a corporation, there are expectations and hopes placed upon the family of the leader. This was a good opportunity for not only The Hubster but especially me to get an inside look. As a matter of fact, there is not much available information for a spouse on this topic, so he wrote it into his learning plan.

While the bulk of time was used by The Hubster to meet with all the veeps of the school, we also had singular time with Scott and David, listening to stories of various interactions and outcomes of their experiences in five different institutions of higher learning. Most helpful to me was lunch with Scott and his wife, Annie where I was able to ask questions about her role in all of her husband’s places of employment. David also shared he and his wife’s experiences at the two schools they served.



It was very helpful to both of us but especially me. The best advice I received was to be myself.



5 thoughts on “Fact-finding trip

  1. WV must have changed *radically* in the past 35 years, then – when we lived there, I couldn’t wait to get out of it. They used to say that Morgantown was a great place to live if you were under 25 or over 55, and we were in our 30s.

  2. Meg, it would more likely than not be a ‘secular’ school. Past experiences, as well as experiences of those we know of who have led ‘religious’ institutions has proven that secular schools are far more Christian in their outlook, approach and policy as well as treatment of their employees.

    I came away encouraged and optimistic about it all, truth be told. Much more peace in my heart, which says alot about my interior heart.

    As always, thank you friend!

  3. Yikes, what a development in both your lives! Praying that this will work out for the best for *both* of you. Would this be a secular college or one with a religious orientation?

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