Can you spell B-U-S-Y

The days leading up to Christmas and the end of the year have been busy ones, not just with Christmas celebration preparations but also with end of year paperwork and other such sundries. 

The highlight of the celebrations thus far was the baptism & chrismation of Little G, my God-daughter, on December 8.  It was so very special to be asked to be God-mother.  That day Christmas came into my heart.


One of the other things that I wanted to get ready for the new year is my 2014 Day Planner.  Not willing to spend $50 or more for a planner book, I searched my favorite thrift stores and found a 6 ring, personal size planner in black for $1.99.  It will fit in my handbag easily so it will be readily available when I need to schedule appointments wherever I happen to be. 

Not crazy about the color black, I decided to make a fabric cover with velcro closure.  I included pockets for post-it notes and pens.




Dividers were also needed to keep the month and weekly pages separate.  Since I was at it, I made dividers for other things I needed to keep track of: work projects, food journal, and misc.  I made them out of scrapbook card stock I found at the store on sale for a couple of dollars.



Loving bright colors and things that encourage smiles, the search for a colorful 2014 monthly calendar began.  It landed me at Lime Tree Fruits where I downloaded and printed Raine’s free monthly planner in the Personal size.  I love the bright colorful pages, as well as the blocks to jot reminders of items I need/hope to accomplish for the month.

Next came the search for weekly pages where I can write more specifically – be it appointments, to do lists, or jot a thought/memory of the day.  The search led me to Philofaxy free Diary Inserts page.  Another big SCORE!  Free personal size weekly planner pages for 2014!  I printed them out and have the freedom to doodle/decorate/color them in…or not…depending on whim and time.

I’ll keep you posted as I use my new planner.  I’m sure, in the quest for the most efficient system, there will be changes to what I’ve found and implemented. 



5 thoughts on “Can you spell B-U-S-Y

  1. I was trying to, but it never really got off the ground – too many people started using PalmPilots and other such electronic planning devices, so I gave it up. What I would love to see, and occasionally still toy around with, is a two-page-per-day planner with Old Calendar dates and commemorations on one side, and New Calendar on the other. I did try to get an Orthodox publisher interested in the project, but he insisted it had to be only Old Calendar – what good is that, in terms of marketability?!

  2. Meg, I always think of you when I shop around for a planner. Weren’t you designing one? I wish I could find one that is a planner style with NS Orthodox dates. St. Tikhon’s Press has a pocket planner that is one month over a two spread page. I may get that next year, cut it apart to put in my planner and then just print the weekly pages on my own.

  3. What Mimi said – congratulations on becoming a godmother!! An awesome responsibility, but I can’t think of anyone who could fulfill it better.

    I am so envious of your skill and ingenuity in creating such a personalized planner. I just get Franklin refills – but I’ve used a Franklin for so long that I think it’s hardwired into my head. I do think life is impossible without some kind of planning system.

  4. Awwww! Congratulations! G is so blessed to have you as her Godmother! Many Years to both of you!
    Good job on the planner – it looks fabulous!

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