Upcycled Dress

Lately, I’ve discovered some very cool blogs that feature upcycled clothing.  The people who create these items are far more talented than I; however, I had to try my hand at a project.  Here is the result!


I am very pleased with it!  The top is an old, long sleeved cotton and spandex t-shirt which I liked a lot but not the way it fit around my middle.  The bottom was made from a jersey cotton sun dress of which the top was one of those elasticized tube tops.  Ugh!  

I cut the top of the jersey dress off.  I cut the bottom of the t-shirt off after measuring the cut line to be right under the bust line.  I matched side-seams of the top and bottom pieces, then shirred the skirt portion to fit the t-shirt opening.  I straight stitched it around twice to ensure a good secure attachment.  I cut the sleeves to be 3/4 length.  At my age, upper arms are not the most attractive unless they are well toned, which mine are definitely not. 

The dress did not need hemming since the length was perfect to start with.

I paired the dress with this cute little sweater, purchased off the sale rack for a whopping $10.00 (down from $60).


It is quite comfortable and I think will serve me well for an assortment of casual events.