Nonna Time

Our granddaughter has visited with us several times through out this summer.  Though her energy far out matches mine and Papi’s, we enjoy every breathing minute of our time together.  She loves to be outside roaming around the yard exploring the rocks, bugs, mulch, grass, flowers, birds, holes in the ground and whatever else happens to catch her eye.  During walks she raises her hand to wave, smiles and says, “HI!” to every person she passes.  Every dog she sees she says, “RUFF!” and toddles over to give it a kiss on the back (with the owner’s permission of course), waves BYE-BYE and toddles off giggling to herself.  This, of course, takes an enormous amount of time but I don’t mind.  How I wish I had this amount of patience when my children were her age.

It constantly amazes me how much love one can contain in their heart for another human being.

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