Bishop Matthias Sues OCA ~ Additional Thoughts

October 10, 2015 George Michalopulos posted an article about His Grace, Bp. Matthias’ lawsuit against the OCA for breach of contract here.  Included in the post is the full Chicago Tribune news article.

As further information regarding this lawsuit, find here the full complaint filed with the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.  The public document is 33 pages in length.

Moriak v Mollard et al — Complaint [9-14-15] (1)

it is clearly stated in the Introduction #1 “they [His Beatitude, Met. Tikhon and His Eminence, Abp. Nathaniel] acknowledged that they ‘failed in fulfilling’ their ‘responsibilities’ and that Bishop Matthias ‘acted in good faith in all of this’.” “All of this” means in relation to the assignment of Bishop Matthias as rector of a Romanian Diocese parish in Hermitage, PA.

What is most significant, in my opinion, is the detailed timeline of the investigation of the complaint filed against His Grace, Bp. Matthias in 2012 [pages 6-10]. It demonstrates the poor handling of the investigation, the attitude of the Synod evidenced by their documented actions against a brother in Christ and the treatment of the family of His Grace, specifically his son, Fr. Matthew Moriak. The latter occurred in spite of His Beatitude, Met. Tikhon’s strict instruction that ‘no retaliation’ would be tolerated following the retirement of Bp. Matthias.

What does the former have to do with the latter? It shows the incompetent leadership of the Holy Synod, et all continues as evidenced by the mismanagement of this assignment and the subsequent handling of His Grace, Bishop Mattias. As I mentioned in a previous comment, the ladies of SNAP call Syosset, say “Jump” and they respond, “How high?” What power is given these two women by the OCA!

Please note on page 11 of the document [#’s 41 & 45], His Eminence, Abp. Nathaniel reached out to Bp. Matthias regarding the position of rector and guaranteed the position for one year. In violation of Church Canons His Beatitude, Met. Tikhon has inserted himself into the Diocesan business of Abp. Nathaniel, about which the latter has made no effort to prevent.

His Grace, Bishop Matthias was settled and as content as possible [living with a destroyed reputation, destroyed relationships, and public scourging by his fellow bishops] in West Virginia. He was content to remain in solitude there. That is until Abp. Nathaniel said, “Hey! I’ve got the perfect situation for you! Trust me!”

While I do believe Bishop Matthias made a mistake in 2012, he apologized to the best of his ability. I don’t condone his mistake. God knows I’ve made enough of my own. But I believe 100% without question he meant no harm and was (and continues to be) treated poorly.