Athletics and Transgenderism

May 27th Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot competed in the Haines High School championship track and field meet in Anchorage, Alaska qualifying for the girls 100- and 200-meters.  Why is this news worthy?  I believe it is so because of the unfairness of male athletes competing in female athletic competitions.  You see, Ice, was born male but believes himself to be female, thus lives his life as such.

According to the June 6, 2016 Alaska Dispatch News article An Alaska state track meet, a transgender athlete makes her mark, Alaska School Activities Association adopted a policy on transgender athletes…voting unanimously…to accept participation decisions made at the local level.

Apparently, The NCAA and the International Olympic Committee both allow athletes to compete based on gender identification, provided that athletes who were born biologically male but identify as female are undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

I asked my health and wellness doctor his opinion about the fairness of trans-gendered male athletes competing in female athletic competitions and who are receiving hormone therapy.  He said hormone therapy will not change the muscular mass or structure, nor the bone structure of a male body.  The muscle mass of a male has more power, by design, than that of a female.  He is of the opinion that a trans-gendered male athlete has an unfair and distinct advantage over a female athlete.

The news has been all aflame over the issue of trans-gendered people using their identified gender bathroom.  Why isn’t the news all aflame about this issue?  Our society values athletics a great deal.  Look at the money that is thrown at it.

When Bruce Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage because he came out as a female and not for his athletic accomplishments, Bruce make a joke out of understanding the pain a woman goes through getting all dressed up for a special event.  The high heels, the pantyhose, the make-up…oh…such a pain!  Frankly, his words were an insult to all women. Being an accomplished woman is so much more than pantyhose and make-up (a fairly sexist comment if you ask me).

Women have fought long and hard, and continue to do so, to be recognized for their accomplishments on their own merit. Voting, academic scholarships, athletic scholarships (Title IX 40th Anniversary), equal pay for the same job, paid maternity leave; we’ve come a long way.  It is my opinion that allowing trans-gendered male athletes to participate in female athletic sports takes us a major step backwards.