2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

After lunch at the Reading Terminal Market The Hubster and I went to Opening Day of the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  It was themed “Holland”.  Lots and lots of tulips! One never tires of this seemingly ordinary, yet beautiful flower.  And there were a sea of them!  Here are some pictures I took, which do not do justice to the real thing.  We had a delightful time! We both love beautiful landscapes and flowers. Neither of us has a green thumb nor the interest to garden. This is a perfect time to enjoy and admire the fruits of others’ labors and get ideas for potential work for our own garden.

Rainbow ceiling.
Cherry Blossom


White Bicycles































The next selection of pictures were items submitted for varied judging. Each item was made solely of pressed plant materials. The depth and quality of the some of the pictures was simply breathtaking. The painstaking care of each placed piece was evident. It must have taken the artist an incredible amount of time to do each their picture.

Close up of pressed plant picture
Row boat in water


















Fairy garden complete with bench
Plaid petals. How did they do that?!?
Amphophallus konjac. As tall as me!
Yours truly standing in front of a Konjac which was taller than me.
Flowing, flowering, train.


Another Konjac
Pressed plant material
Woman playing instrument.
Challenge: use 3 of the 10 in your creation.
This challenge piece fit in the palm of my hand!
Another miniature
First Prize: Mustard seed on aluminum can, then painted. Size: fit the palm of my hand.
Different type of challenge piece. Keychain size. Pistachio shells & tulip petals.
Keychain: Pieces of rice & half a cashew
Goat pulling cart
Never say Primroses with multi-petals like this.
White azaleas. Hubster’s fav. He said, “The Labrador Retriever of flowers.”
Perfect Pitcher Plants
Fountain display. The front tires had little cups which when full of water caused them to spin.
Sample quiet place.
I liked the use of bike rims as an architectural garden feature.
Some kind of white wire used as a decorative feature on a chain link fence. I LOVED THIS!
It was simple but beautiful
Feathered Tulip
Individual pom balls with 3 roses inserted, hung by wire.
A rainbow of colored poms. It was so impressive. Each one hung singly on a wire from the ceiling.
Close up.