40 Days

Rev. Edward EllmoreThis beloved man is my father-in-law, Rev. Edward D. Ellmore.  Today we sang Memory Eternal because it is 40 days since his falling-asleep-in-the-Lord.  Today also happens to be Father’s Day.

No doubt, he would be none too pleased with me that he is featured in living color on my blog.  Too bad, Dad! You’re not here and it’s my blog and it is Father’s Day.  (I can hear your chuckle in my ear!) You are not here for your children and grandchildren to send a card and give you a call to wish you many blessed returns of the day. You’re not here to tell us about who visited you this week or what the favorite menu item was for the week.  Yet, in a certain way, you are here.  You are not that far away.

Not that long ago, you told me you were living and preparing for the next course in life, that this physical life we have is lived in preparation for the Eternal Life.  You lived in Hope of the Eternal. You never stopped teaching us how to live in the present world and prepare for the Eternal world, no matter your age.  You and Mom taught me how to be an “in-law;” how to be present, to love, to encourage and not interfere.  You were a parent, teacher, and friend.

While I miss you and your presence, you are ever present.  Because of what you emulated, I don’t grieve but live with the same Hope.  Thank you for that gift of Faith.

Happy Father’s Day!