A visit to the grandbaby's house on a hot summer day.  Nonna and she enjoyed cooling off in the kiddie pool.  GB enjoyed splashing and pouring water all over her Nonna, who eventually transmogrified into a Troll Bergen and kept dragging the GB Troll into the deep depths - much to GB's screaming delight! Of [...]



By James M. Kushiner -  Despite the hyper-version of "Godwin's Law" (1990) which suggests making any comparison to Hitler in debating a contentious issue means losing your credibility, I am going to use a 4-letter N word that conjures Hitler: Nazi. I can't help it: reading McEhinney and McAleer's haunting true-crime story Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most [...]

Nonna Time

Our granddaughter has visited with us several times through out this summer.  Though her energy far out matches mine and Papi's, we enjoy every breathing minute of our time together.  She loves to be outside roaming around the yard exploring the rocks, bugs, mulch, grass, flowers, birds, holes in the ground and whatever else happens [...]

Da kidz

These pics were taken by the hubster with his new camera.  He is still learning the in's and out's, but these still came out very, very good.  The hubster has a very creative eye for these types things.  If he will let me, I shall post some of his "experiments."  Until then, enjoy these pictures [...]

Post Thanksgiving OR Thanksgiving Post!

One down (Thanksgiving).  Two to go (Christmas & New Year's). There is much I love about the holiday season.  Crisp air.  Good food.  Loving family.  Catching up with those we see infrequently.  However, it produces stress for me.  Perhaps because the "regular stuff" of life does not stop when the season arrives.  The requirements of [...]

And you look so young!

Friday we celebrated DS's 28th birthday. Thank you, yes, the hubster and I DO look soooooo young! The boy, however, is looking mature and older. His features have that grown man look; the chiseld jaw line, the strong forehead...sigh...he's a nice lookin' kid if I do say so myself. The boy asked for quite the [...]