A visit to the grandbaby's house on a hot summer day.  Nonna and she enjoyed cooling off in the kiddie pool.  GB enjoyed splashing and pouring water all over her Nonna, who eventually transmogrified into a Troll Bergen and kept dragging the GB Troll into the deep depths - much to GB's screaming delight! Of [...]


40 Days

This beloved man is my father-in-law, Rev. Edward D. Ellmore.  Today we sang Memory Eternal because it is 40 days since his falling-asleep-in-the-Lord.  Today also happens to be Father's Day. No doubt, he would be none too pleased with me that he is featured in living color on my blog.  Too bad, Dad! You're not [...]

Orthodox Africa: Creating Synergy in missions one partnership at a time

This is a wonderful non-profit that I think many of you, dear readers, will appreciate.  Please read about them here. Periodically, I will be sharing news about the various missions they support.  The latest is about an orphanage that has the opportunity to purchase land where they can have a permanent location instead of renting [...]

2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

After lunch at the Reading Terminal Market The Hubster and I went to Opening Day of the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  It was themed "Holland".  Lots and lots of tulips! One never tires of this seemingly ordinary, yet beautiful flower.  And there were a sea of them!  Here are some pictures I [...]