By James M. Kushiner -  Despite the hyper-version of "Godwin's Law" (1990) which suggests making any comparison to Hitler in debating a contentious issue means losing your credibility, I am going to use a 4-letter N word that conjures Hitler: Nazi. I can't help it: reading McEhinney and McAleer's haunting true-crime story Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most [...]


Nonna Time

Our granddaughter has visited with us several times through out this summer.  Though her energy far out matches mine and Papi's, we enjoy every breathing minute of our time together.  She loves to be outside roaming around the yard exploring the rocks, bugs, mulch, grass, flowers, birds, holes in the ground and whatever else happens [...]

Is a life ever “a waste”?

Have you ever attended the viewing or funeral of a loved one or friend and heard the words “What a waste of a life. They suffered terribly.” exchanged between two people? Perhaps the individual died due to a drug overdose, a prolonged battle with cancer, a life long struggle with a mental illness, the person [...]

Help a friend

Susie at Meanderings has a very good post full of questions about "what is a friend".  Would you be a friend and visit her blog in order to provide her with some helpful thoughts? Thanks Friend!

About the day

Forty-nine years ago I was born and mother said, "I baked a cake!"  I dearly hope it was chocolate! The hubster surprised me with four dozen red roses plus one bunch of calla lilies for each year.  I will post a photo soon.  I've never seen so many red roses in one place! They are [...]