To a recent commenter

Dear "A sinner," Thank you for visiting my blog.  The journal you sought has been taken down.  It was started by the spiritual son of Blessed Fr. Sophrony but due to his ill health, he is unable to maintain it.  I would suggest you visit the monasticism thread at  Read anything written by 'petru voda' for [...]


Timeless Moments

This magnificent quilt was hand-wrot by Barnrat (my s-i-l) for the hubster and I. The pattern is called Court House Steps. The material that is the central one around which the rest was chosen is a random pattern of Viola's (aka Johnny-Jump-Ups) my favorite flowers. Barnrat names her quilts. Thus ours is entitled Timeless Moments [...]

Saturday’s Stroll

Haven’t been blogging in a week or so, as you, dear readers can see. The plate is full to overflowing but today there seems to be a tad bit of breathing room. Thus, a post! Woooo-hooo!Took a stroll through the blog-o-sphere today, something else I’ve not done in a week. Caught up on all the [...]

Joyful Sorrow

Today a long ago friend died. Her name was Tracy. She leaves behind her 11 year old son, her Mother, and her brother, as well as many, many friends. She suffered with bone cancer for 4 years and lost the battles this afternoon. Her life was much too short and filled with many struggles. But [...]

Thanksgiving Stroll

Yurag the Illuminated is back to posting again. Read today's post. Be encouraged. Give thanks to God!Looking for the Truth? Read Pithless Thoughts.Elizabeth has had a time of it with dental problems. Glad to know she has received treatment.David's Daily Diversions has a new location. Check it out. He, too, has experience dental problems, but [...]

One. Word.

One word, and only one word, so here goes!Yourself: CreativeYour partner: ComfortingYour hair: BrownYour Mother: PrayerfulYour Father: SadYour Favorite Item: BooksYour dream last night: NoneYour Favorite Drink: TeaYour Dream Car: CorollaYour Dream Home: SmallThe Room You Are In: OfficeYour Ex: ??NoneYour fear: PovertyWhere you Want to be in Ten Years? HomeWho you hung out with [...]